Pork Cubes with Fat 500g

Pork Cubes with Fat 500g

  • Rs. 300.00

Our pork represents the “best of the best.” We take pride in producing premium-quality pork through stringent grading criteria to ensure only the most tender and juicy cuts for you.

Succulent and rich in flavour, quality tender cut pork cubes have just enough fat to ensure moisture during cooking adding melt in the mouth flavour.

Order with ColdKart:
- English Yorkshire Pork
- 100% Farm Raised
- No Antibiotic Residues
- No Growth Hormones
- Vacuum Packed & Sealed
- Temperature Controlled Delivery

Cooking Tips:
Cubes of Pork that can be easily tossed in for cooking.
Pork Cubes Like All Pork Products Require Low, Slow Cooking Time To Become Nice And Tender. Perfect For Curries Or A Stir Fry, They Are Great For Braising, Grilling, Frying Or Can Be Cooked In The Oven.

Storage: Store The Pork In The Freezer. It Can Be Thawed By Putting The Pork In The Chiller 4-5 Hours Before Consumption Or Keeping The Vacuum Packed Product Under Running Tap Water For Faster Thawing.

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