Norwegian Salmon Portions ( Serves One )

  • Rs. 725.00

Superior Portioned Cuts of Norwegian Salmon Fillets.Norwegian ocean-farmed salmon grows at its own pace, which gives it a pure and fresh taste, fat marbling and an attractive red-orange colouring.

IQF Single Vacuumed.Variable sizes between 210g - 240g (Fixed Price per Pack)

How do you pan-fry Norwegian salmon fillet properly?

  1. Heat a pan and place the salmon in with the skin side up.
  2. When it is lightly browned, turn the fish on the skin side and add a lemon, garlic and thyme sprigs.
  3. If the salmon looks cooked on both sides after frying for a short time, add a little butter to the pan.
  4. Now roast the salmon until it is cooked and from time to time add some melted butter over the fish for flavor.
  5. Finally, add some lemon juice over the fish and serve.
  6. See! It’s really easy

(Courtesy - Nordsee)

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