Mango Pulp 850g Birla Morton

Mango Pulp 850g Birla Morton

  • Rs. 160.00

Morton is a well know brand that manufactures and packages fresh fruit and other kinds of food. From exotic fruits to beans and sauces, this brand is known for its high quality range. 

Ready to Serve Mango Pulp from King of Mango- Alphonso. It is a sweetened pulp with no artificial flavours. 


No Artificial Flavour / Zero Preservative

Mango Pulp is widely used in preparing juices, drinks, nectars etc. It is used as a base in preparation of various jams and marmalades. Use Mango pulp to make Aam Ras which goes very well with Puris.

Use to make delicious milkshakes which can be prepared in a jiffy. 

Available as 850g Can.


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