Grana Padano Parmesan Cheese Price Per Kg

Grana Padano Parmesan Cheese Price Per Kg

  • Rs. 1,750.00

Grana Padano is a hard, slow-ripened, semi-fat, cow's-milk cheese from Italy. Grana Padano has a slightly sweeter and subtler flavor is capable of holding its own on a cheese board, or shaved over carpaccio, or grated over pasta.

It Comes in a wedge of between 4 - 4.5 Kgs

The cheese is made from unpasteurised, semi-skimmed cow’s milk from two milking and generally aged for two years. At the end of the cheese making process, Grana Padano develops a firm, thick and deeply straw-coloured rind protecting the fragrant, dry, flaking interior. Grana means “grainy” in Italian which is reflected in the fine granular texture with an intensely sweet flavour. As Grana Padano ages, the flavours become pronounced, savory and complex and the texture becomes more crumbly.

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