Feta Cheese P.D.O (Sheep & Goat Milk) 200g Olympus

Feta Cheese P.D.O (Sheep & Goat Milk) 200g Olympus

  • Rs. 650.00

OLYMPUS is a 3rd generation family owned company, holding a leading position in Greece in the field of dairy products, while being very active in international markets with its presence in 38 countries all over the world.

Olympus Feta Cheese P.D.O. is a firm white cheese with a crumbly texture and an authentic rich and tangy flavor. Produced from sheep’s and goat’s milk and matured according to a traditional recipe. It can easily be baked and grilled, giving the potential for endless dishes including salads, pastries, pies or mixed with fresh vegetables. It is rich in proteins, calcium and with great nutritional value.

Available as 200g Pack.

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