Butterball Turkey USA

  • Rs. 1,000.00

Price shown is Per Kg

Please call us on 8122890913 / 8438237004 Mon-Sat (9.30-6.30) to get the prices. Prices differ as per the size of the Bird.


Average size of the Bird between 6-8 Kgs

Frozen, all-natural Butterball whole turkeys can be purchased weeks in advance and thawed a few days before your dinner

How To Thaw A Turkey

Safely thawing your frozen turkey is one of the most important steps in your meal prep. 

  • Refrigerator thawing is preferred and the least labor-intensive but requires more time.
  • Cold water thawing takes less time but requires more attention.

Regardless of which method you choose, never thaw a turkey at room temperature

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