Aloo Tikki 400g Amul Happy Treats

Aloo Tikki 400g Amul Happy Treats

  • Rs. 75.00

Potatoes are processed into ALOO TIKKI by peeling, cutting into strips, blanching, drying/ cooling, shredding, mixing with ingredients, forming, partial frying and freezing the product between –12°C to -18°C.

Storage : At -18°C or below. DO NOT THAW BEFORE FRYING



1. Pre-heat oil in a kadhai / wok (max. temperature upto 175°C).
2. Take the product form the freezer & fry directly. DO NOT THAW.
3. Seal & keep the remaining product in the freezer.
4. Put the desired quantity gently in the hot oil & deep fry for about 4 minutes until it turns light golden colour.

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